Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Review After 1 Month – Smartphone Value King

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31 Replies to “Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Review After 1 Month – Smartphone Value King”

  1. zamine81

    thanks for the review
    i have read in some reviews that the xiaomi redmi note 9 ( and other 9 generation like 9s and 9 pro) didn't have a nice ips screen as the previous xiaomi redmi note generation ( 8, 8 T , 8 pro) , especialy a lack of brightness for outdoor usage
    Can you confirm me if you liked the screen quality or it was just Okay and if there was a problem while used outdoor ?

  2. Laurence Harvey

    I`ve spent years trying to find a phone that simply does what all phones should do and until this morning have failed!

    Iv`e recieved the Redmi Note 9s today and i`m absolutly gob smacked as camera`s are very good, battery seems great, the speed is very quick indeed with no lag at all, speakers are good, screen is good, easy to use with lots of usefull apps, signal and call quality seems good so i ask myself WHY HAS NO OTHER COMPANY PRODUCED A PHONE LIKE THIS EVEN AT £700 (saying no names oneplus or samsung or motorola lol….ahem).

    If this Note 9s proves to be as good for the next week or so then it`s a win win for Xiaomi and you should be advertising this brand on TV.

    I`ve even tried the oneplus 7t and that failed with signal issues and rubbish battery life so again well done Xiaomi.

  3. Bill Buchan

    Guys help me. Ive just ordered a 9S on Amazon but found out the 9S & Pro suffer Wifi connectivity issues. So just cancelled it. Amazed how good Amazon were on Chat contact. Even tho just dispatched it has been stopped and refund coming. It was sold by Amazon so that helped. I aint a nerd, near 70 but need Wifi to work. Are any UK Redmi note 9 owners that can tell me if it works ok on Wifi? Thanks.

  4. Leo's Gaming

    can I ask something? is redmi note 9 really good for gaming? cause in other redmi note 9 does a terrible gaming performance because of the 1080p display others said that realme ^i is better than redmi note 9 in gaming

  5. Nix Tyrell NJ

    Whem I'm indoor, I use 10% brightness.. and the battery Lasts like forever while on Youtube..

    I charge the phone 15% – 100% in 1hour and 48 Minutes..

    I got the 4/128GB variant.

  6. roboecto

    Why does my Redmi Note 9 sometimes hang just from using Chrome??? And lags on games like Parkingmania. The lag is only gone when I hide the notch for the camera in the display settings.

  7. Yui Hirasawa

    it aint a value king the phone is not optimized yet and i experience some serious lags/hiccups/fps drops the only game that i play is CoDM and it lags so much sometimes it crashes the game I've tried to fix it thru developer options at the hardware section and turned off some animation and stuffs but it still lags as hell and it made me uninstall the game.

  8. Scott Lewis

    The features and the specifications of the phone are really impressive especially with the integrated MediaTek Helio G85 processor. It is a good mid-range chipset for a phone in this price range. A good smartphone without having to burn the pockets. The battery 5020mAh is impressive too.

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