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It’s here! The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Alarm clock. It’s a really great looking alarm clock, but how good is it really? Smart clock on GB :

The alarm clock has a great looking display, that gets brighter in bright conditions and dims in dark which is rather nice so it’s not too bright when you’re trying to sleep. It connects over micro USB but does not have a built-in battery. It has some great features like Bluetooth-hub functionality which allows compatible (Xiaomi) Bluetooth devices to be monitored over Wifi as these will automatically connect to the nearest hub. It also has a built-in (Xiao-Ai) voice assistant, but this only works in Mandarin. (And no clue when this will support other languages at the time of writing this.) The main downside at the moment is that the clock only seems to synchronize with the server in Bejijng, and thus ONLY displays the local Chinese time. This makes it very unusable when you are outside of China. (At the moment I actually am in Europe for a change, or else I might not have even noticed it when I was back home in China….) I don’t know when they will update the APP to show localized time based on your actual location, but I have reported this to the Mijia team and they are aware of this. As soon as this will change I will post a comment below this video.

Besides this (kinda crucial) time-issue, it is a very convenient and great looking clock that works really well, with the added bonus of having a Bluetooth-Hub AND a voice assistant.

Once you have set it up with the Mi Home APP you can set up alarms, set countdown timers and even use it as a sleeping aid with the built in sounds. These sounds play a loop of nature and white-noise-like sounds that might be great for when you want to fall asleep or meditate. I can see this function become quite popular.

In China the clock goes for about 149 RMB, which is about 22 USD or 19 EUR, but you surely won’t be able to find it online for this price. (I got mine in Beijing, just before I headed to Europe.)

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  1. xiaomify

    ** Update! I managed to get the clock displaying the correct time (in the Netherlands). I had to set my phone time to Paris (same timezone as AMS) and reinstalled the clock and it shows the local timezone. If you experience this timezone issue you could try to set your phone to a nearby (bigger?) city that is in the same timezone and hopefully that might solve this.
    I am really glad I got this working thanks to a tip from @farewell. Thanks!

    Also, for those wondering why this 'ai' alarm clock is any better than using your phone? Well, if your Mandarin is good enough, you could use the built-in ai-speaker to set the alarm by voice. This makes this a very convenient clock to use. If only Xiaomi would now release their voice assistant to understand other languages!

  2. LaloMan

    Smart? This shit is more complicated than a regular alarm clock. Your phone does a better job than this, set it and forget it!
    This thing would only be useful as just a clock!

  3. keisatsu

    just got this clock and i love it! love how it can sync with my other mi devices like the air purifier and smart switches. the voice assistant works really well too if you can speak Chinese.


    Hi.. How do you write the good answer for my smart ai
    Shaiton Che ? ( what is the correspondance in english)
    With your voice my smart is activated for the firs time…

    Thks a lot… Eric

  5. S Dutta

    1 more thing. Make a small cube/ball kind of Bluetooth camera for mobile phone's. Which we can place underwater for videos/photographs/selfies. Need something of that sort. HECK make a GO-PRO (XIAOMI GO-PRO 1) ??? it will really sell in india

  6. S Dutta

    Xiaomi !!! When are we gonna get this product in INDIA . Really loved this watch ??? ??? Waiting for your reply. One more thing. Can you make beautiful music systems like Sony does (with the LED light n all ) it's gonna sell really well in India.

  7. Ric

    Your videos are great! Thank you! I am curious if the Bluetooth gateway on this device will connect with the xiaomi flora. I really want to use the light sensor for my automations..

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