Xiaomi touch screen smart speaker – Xiao Ai Touch – Full Review [Xiaomify]

Xiaomi has released yet another smart speaker but this one actually comes with a 3.9″ display. Is it cool? Is this the Xiao Ai 2.0? Let’s find out!
Find the Xiao Ai touch screen speaker on AliExpress here:

The Xiao Ai speaker is nothing new for Xiaomi, last year they have released several models of them, and I have already reviewed the original Xiao Ai Speaker here: and the alarm clock model here:

It was about time Xiaomi made a model with a screen like this and it finally happened. The screen is rather small, being slightly smaller than 4″, but it is very bright and for such a low resolution (800×480 px) it is actually very sharp. The audio quality is acceptable although it’s not as good as the original Xiao-Ai speaker.

So what can you do with it?
Besides watching content on Iqiyi and listening to music on QQ music, you can control all of your installed and supported Xiaomi Smart home products from the touch screen. One of the cool features is that you can see a live view of the smart security cameras on it, but also get a live feed when someone is in front of the door when you happen to have the Smart Doorbell.

But the coolest stuff is to voice-control everything. This is really its strong suit, but also its weakness. It’s really cool to ask for a live feed of your cameras instead of tapping through the menu. Or to simply ask it to turn lights on, or to control the fan or air conditioner.

There’s a tonne of other features and it’s got A LOT of built-in “APPS” allowing you to ask for the weather, traffic, news, read books, podcasts, play tv-shows, do calculations, conversions, ask for stock, take notes, and tonnes of other features.

But still, the main downside of this Xiao Ai speaker is that it only supports Chinese and no other languages have been added over the last year since we have seen their original Xiao Ai speaker. It would have been really cool to see it support other languages or optionally have the option to select another AI-brain like Microsoft Cortana or Google Home.

If you are a really big Mi-Fan you might still want to get your hands on it, hoping that someday it will learn new languages. But you will be a bit limited when using it; although for monitoring your security cameras and for using it as a screen for that smart doorbell is really cool. You can also use it as an (admittedly very cool looking) alarm clock and use the touch screen interface to interact with your Xiaomi Smart Home products, but it will be quite limiting to not interact with it by voice.

So, overall, I got to say that it’s a very well built and very well equipped smart home speaker, and the addition of a screen makes this integrate into Xiaomi’s Mijia smart home ecosystem even more. It’s really got a lot of features and it’s very capable. But right now it’s really oriented towards the Chinese market and there are no announcements of these speakers learning any other language any time soon. -And that’s a bit unfortunate.

Xiaomi’s global spokesperson has hinted towards an English speaking Ai several times on Twitter, but no official statements have been given about this. Unfortunately, we will just have to keep on hoping for this to happen, someday.

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46 Replies to “Xiaomi touch screen smart speaker – Xiao Ai Touch – Full Review [Xiaomify]”

  1. TheBobicho

    Great video xaomify, as usual… I orderd this product and realize that time adjust issue. Was hoping they did manage to fix this but not. That frustrating me A LOT

  2. Lucas Brown

    The features of the Xiaomi XiaoAI are pretty solid considering the price of it. With the MediaTek processor at its core, the performance of the gadget is extremely smooth and steady without any lag. That makes it worth every penny. Setting up of the gadget is easy and does not require much hassle on the part of the user.

  3. shwahn

    Do you know if this connects to the Xiaomi Doorbell over the local network? Currently I find the delay between my doorbell being rung and my phone alert going off on the app to be a little too long. I am hoping for something that will help close the gap for when I am at home.

  4. GnanabalaN B

    Mi security camera 360 not displaying on Google nest hub,even camera option itself is not showing on Google home app, using China mainland server since I have lot of xiaomi products, Is there any solution

  5. Seng Lim

    I bought one of that and I am reside outside of China where the time is 1 hr behind and I couldn't change the time because it wouldn't have the opt to do so. Anyone has that experience?

  6. youngday

    Thanks for the review. Wondering if it works with the International version of Xiaomi Smart home zigbee gateway? Or it can only link with xiaomi devices (like CCTV Cameras) that are set to be running on Mainland server?

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