Xiaomi's folding phone concept might be the best we've seen | Engadget Today

Xiaomi truly is working on a foldable phone, company president and co-founder Lin Bin has confirmed in a teaser he posted on Weibo. In the video, you’ll see the executive using a tablet-sized gadget — until he folds its sides and uses it like you would any phone. Its UI even automatically resizes itself to occupy just the middle part of the screen, so you won’t have to flip the device to look at the folded parts of the display.

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35 Replies to “Xiaomi's folding phone concept might be the best we've seen | Engadget Today”

  1. pokpokgei

    what we need is simple, get a note 4, triple its width, double folds to note 4 size in phone mode – folded thickness doesnt matter as much since functionality trumps all but of course they will find ways to make it slightly slimmer folded else triple fold may be too thick for some, flips open to tablet mode 16:9 so we can have full screen videos no black bars, retain the pen. boom! sales! and also gotta match ipad sort of battery capacity if not more. facetime/video conferencing they got to also find a way not to disappoint, since many working class like to facetime chat with their family while commuting these days, pretty much got urself a next tier evolved device thats going to sell itself. dont lose the 16:9 resolution in tablet mode, no 1 likes black bars, no one will fully enjoy a phablet phone if it opens out to play videos with black bars and overall video size is mere 20% bigger than what it was fullscreen on their previous 6 inch smartphone. triple fold 16:9 may be where its at

  2. The Spark

    I will go with Samsung still because I can´t have a phone without a cover and it´s so far the only one where a cover is applicable, I am simply too clumsy and my keys are sure to scratch my phone if it isn´t protected at all times. Who am I kidding? Not buying any of them, they are all too expensive .. but yes … I would have gone with Samsung because of the cover issue.

  3. Deeeyon Leee

    bro check out Huawei Mate X. Thats the best to me so far. And it’s coming in 1 month. Xiaomi I don’t know how long it gonna take until we can buy that phone. And after we folded it, feels like we can’t do any thing with the back screen. But Huawei mate X, even after we fold it, the back screen still useful , for exp: how many times you take a pic for your GF, and they don’t like it, and blame on you. Now when we take pic for ppl they can see what they looks like from the back screen, so they can adj their position or tell you how to make it better. Cool. And it’s so thin, only 11 mm, better than Samsung17mm, and look at Samsung that small outside screen, and huge gap after you fold it. Huawei MateX gonna be my next phone for sure lol.

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