Xiaomi's Mi A2 review: A tantalising budget phone — that's tough to buy

It’s got the tech, the good looks and the low price, but this solid all rounder is only available in 40 countries including China, India and Spain. UK, wider Europe and US fans are out of luck.

Xiaomi joins Google’s Android One with the Mi A1-

** This video was re-uploaded to update information on the phone’s availability.

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39 Replies to “Xiaomi's Mi A2 review: A tantalising budget phone — that's tough to buy”

  1. Yer Da

    It's easy to buy in the UK – just make sure to buy it through Prime then you get easy returns/warranty should anything go wrong


    Wow it seems that I am using phone for month now, and still I am charging it once in two days with mild usage of camera and internet usage ( insta, twitter, apps ) I am satisfied but most probably I should've wait for Pocophone but nobody knew they will launch that beast to market. If I could choose now, I would def. go for Pocophone add some extra bucks and that's it. Btw Pocophone is everything this phone is not ( in manner of speaking of "bad battery", low ram, headphone jack blah blah blah

  3. Md. Tanvir Hossain Siam

    Xiaomi mi a2 doesn't come with google camera app rather Xiaomi's customizable camera app. So, is there any concern for security using Xiaomi's customizable camera app like Xioami can trace user statistics occurred in the camera app?

  4. natural farmer

    Having a Mi A1 I can't see myself giving up on those sweet capacitive buttons any time soon. I am sure they could fit them in that slim A2 chin… Such a better experience than on screen buttons.

  5. Kevin Roman

    Is it safe to buy the phone from gearbest as I'm from the UK? (Update) : at gearbest, Aliexpress… They state that they are selling mi a2 when in reality it is a mi 6x. They never state android one and when I asked them they just said os 8.1.

  6. Murphy Carey

    Why does every phone company have to copy Apple for the camera? Can’t they think of there own ideas for the camera design rather than clearly copying a big company’s design?

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