Xperia Announcement September 2020

Introducing Sony’s latest addition to the Xperia flagship range, Xperia 5 II:​

Watch our announcement and discover our latest addition to the Xperia flagship range, Xperia 5 II: ‘BUILT FOR SPEED, MADE COMPACT’.​

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22 Replies to “Xperia Announcement September 2020”

  1. wandful

    Come on sony, pls make better phone than iphone. I still have my z1 n z5, keeping safe in my locker. I use iphone now. If sony have better in future, i will buy one. Also i think we require good tablet for our kids online learning..its either samsung/ipad or sony if only. I miss sony xperia.

  2. Flaze

    I’m think that Sony Xperia will never come back in other countries forever, sorry… Also, Xperia Pro may happen in the future…..

  3. Enver Canpolat

    Samsung,TCL and Oppo factory opens in Turkey.
    Turkey asia, africa and europe is happening in the center.
    Turkey wants to open factory in technology companies.
    Turkey's President Erdogan application that will provide convenience to the company.
    Sony must open factory in Turkey.
    Sony's advantage is great because the Turkish people love the Japanese.

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