Xperia XZ3 – Find your perfect display with all-new Side sense

Powered by AI in Xperia… Get quick-access to your most used apps on the home screen with innovative Side sense technology on Xperia XZ3:

Enjoy a stunning 6” borderless display and an 18:9 extended experience in the palm of your hand with Xperia XZ3.

Using the all-new intuitive Side sense, explore a bespoke UI that only displays your most-used apps and shortcuts, as and when you want to see them. With your home screen launched, double tap the side of the smartphone to activate, or go back a step with a simple downwards slide.

With intelligent usability, Xperia XZ3 also comes with a customisable always-on display. Plus, for easy one-handed navigation, launch your smartphone’s mini display with a swipe towards the centre of the screen – perfect for on the go.

32 Replies to “Xperia XZ3 – Find your perfect display with all-new Side sense”

  1. Zalva

    I have it and at times it won't respond. So hard to use side sense. I waist more time trying to pull it out then to go to the app itself.

  2. Aseem Nilesh Linda

    It's really a good phone but it's over price and it the cause people dont buy Sony phone compared to other phones. I really love the design and display of the phone but not impressed by came and 4GB RAM. At least it should have dual camera. And the idea of dynamic vibration really sucks 95% of the people won't use it… Instead of dynamic vibrant features sony should have increased the RAM to at least 6GB or 8GB. But I really love the design for the phone. I would really appreciate it if sony could decrease the notch. Please don't change the designs I looks stunning. Please decrease the notch. Please bring back the fingers print sensor in the side I really love it.

  3. shirin Akter

    I believe Sony make it believe I m always Sony lover that's why I want to say plz go back your previous omnibalance design. Sony is Best phone in the world for design, camera,display ,and speed. So why you copy from Samsung? Why you did round Corner. We love square.

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