Xperia XZ3 – See more. Hear more. Feel more.

Dive into a QHD+ HDR OLED display for an extraordinary entertainment experience with Xperia XZ3:

Xperia XZ3 brings you spectacular entertainment in a sleek, 3D curved glass design.
Take your content to a new dimension with Xperia XZ3 and a 6″ QHD+ HDR OLED display, enhanced by Sony’s BRAVIA® TV technology. With more clarity, colour and contrast, watch your favourite videos come to life with X-Reality™ for mobile and up-conversion to near HDR quality. Thanks to Sony’s Dynamic Vibration System, captivate your senses with a truly immersive experience, and never miss a beat with our loudest S-Force Front Surround speakers yet.
From a bright and brilliant display to a borderless design, Xperia XZ3 is crafted in fluid Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 for a beautifully curved shape. What’s more, Xperia XZ3 layers colour upon colour to achieve a truly breathtaking finish that reflects the surrounding environment with a unique quality and texture. For intelligent usability, Xperia XZ3 also comes with the all-new Side sense for a fully bespoke home screen and quick access to AI in Xperia.
Housing a 19MP Motion Eye™ camera, Xperia XZ3 enables you to swiftly capture your world with Smart launch – just hold up in horizontal mode and click. Using Predictive Capture to help ensure you never miss a moment, filmmakers can also enjoy 4K HDR Movie recording and Super slow motion in Full HD. Unleash your creative side or streamline your selfies with Bokeh and beauty effects for the most flawless portraits yet.
With Hi-Res Audio and LDAC, Xperia XZ3 lets you hear every note of your favourite music in High-Resolution quality. Powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 Mobile Platform, Xperia XZ3 and a long-lasting battery mean you can enjoy more of what you love for longer.
Combining a magnificent QHD+ HDR OLED display with exceptional design craftsmanship, you won’t ever want to look away from Xperia XZ3.

32 Replies to “Xperia XZ3 – See more. Hear more. Feel more.”

  1. Darthwho2

    Had this phone a couple of months now and although I agree with most comments about the finger scanner and camera could do with being better but this is definetly a solid phone from Sony and its a good bit cheaper than the usual 1000+ range.

  2. Liviu Alexandru Acostioai

    Sony i'm FAN of YOU and i would like in FUTURE to create a phone to destroy Samsung and Apple.
    I would like to play games from PS3 – PS4 – PS5 ( to be servers , like PS VITA ) with root connectivity. I think that is a good innovation to tell you.
    I want to use my console from distance to connect my phone Sony Xperia Play ( i think this is a good name for a phone 😀 , " Sony Xperia Play " or " Sony Play "

  3. Linda Lin

    Tolong untuk sony bangkitlah jangan mau kalah sama produk lain yg sekarang lagi gila gilaan dari produk orange china..
    Keluarkan amunisimu kapten gempur produk china dengan senjata andalanmu camera dan musik.

  4. Himanshu

    Dear SONY,
    I think now you have to do something unique with your smartphones to be in a race of latest smartphones brand…. otherwise i don't think that you would stand… I kindly request you to get something unique with your smartphones…. and most importantly in budget smartphones..??

  5. That Random Guyーさん

    See more… of your money go out the window for a phone that will be replaced after ONLY two years of ownership.
    Hear more… people gasp and aw as you blindly give away more than half a grand for a phone you will eventually replace.
    Feel more… money leave your pocket as you buy into the overhyped hysteria following advertisements.

  6. _dellpeacemaker

    I wish I could have Sony Ericsson W550 with bigger screen, what'sup+Instagram support, old Walkman music player. Cos I could not find any better sound than the old Sony Ericsson Walkman series.

  7. Tech Info

    XZ and xz1 designs are best. Very slim and gives a modern n different look than other traditional designs. But unfortunately sony has ruined their best design after XZ2 and xz3 launch.. I have used sony z1, z1 compact ,z3 compact, now xz1… I like sony just bcz of their compact and slim designs. Plz sony bring back your slim and sharp edged and durable material designs back …

  8. goodriddance86

    Please Sony bring the headphone jack back! I have High- End Headphones and wanna use them without an unnessesary adapter. Why not make an Premium Phone with High- End Audio Features, like a good DAC (Burr- Brown, Wolfson etc.)? I would definitely buy it and I bet many others are also interested.

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