Xperia XZ3 vs Galaxy S9+: will Sony OUTPLAY Sammy?

A comparison between the Xperia XZ3 and the Galaxy S9 Plus to find out if Sony has managed to close the gap with the leading Android phone.

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36 Replies to “Xperia XZ3 vs Galaxy S9+: will Sony OUTPLAY Sammy?”

  1. Danny D

    I will put my money on Sony anytime. This channel is paid by Samsung. All of their product reviews are raving about Samsung. Do your homework before you do your review. Thumb down!

  2. Nawaz Waseem

    I sold my S9 for the XZ2 and its a massive improvement!!

    I know Sammy trolls are going to say bs. Trust me.. No lag, no sluggish UI, dual front speakers, AMOLED colours are trash compared to IPS (especially whites), better build quality, better camera, Android 9, 2 front cameras and a bigger battery.. All for £230 🙂

  3. Adi Mart

    Samsung Galaxy S10 will blow Sony and every other smartphone out of the water suckas, Sony still stuck in notch/chin city. Get with the times Sony. Bout time you upgrade to OLED displays. Oh and that extremely low finger print scanner, yeah looks uncomfortable, S10 will have in display fingerprint scanner. Sorry Sony you werent meant for smartphones, stick to gaming.

  4. bilgyno1

    Conventional wisdom go with Samsung? Yeah I tried that with S7 Edge, and was massively disappointed by tons of bloat ware, slow security updates (quarterly instead of monthly) and it stopped working within a year. Never again for me. Now on the XZ3 which is my first Sony (not counting Sony Ericsson k750i of 13 years ago). Too soon to judge, but quite happy so far.

  5. VolticArchwing

    My advice would be to pick the handset that 1, piques your fancy, 2, does what you need it to, and 3, the one you want. Both are really good phones in their own respective rights and are competitive with eachother. I for one prefer the XZ3 but that's because I've had great experiences with Sony Xperia phones. Not to mention that 960fps slow mo full HD camera capability.


    Why almost of u so stupid enough to get accurate result of comparison by relying on this stupid review??? Why don't u bring ur note 9/note 8/p20 pro/s9/+ or whatever to the xz2 premium demo unit? And then just keep the hype in urself. And to know and relize that u shouldn't follow the crowds provided by fools and PAID REVIEWERS? U HAVE TO FEEL THE COMPARISON URSELF,BY UR HAND U IDIOTS

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