You HAVE to BUY the Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus RIGHT NOW!

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a 2019 flagship but it can be an amazing phone RIGHT NOW. You can save a ton of money buy buying the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+ and even use that as a trade in for the Galaxy S20

Buy the Galaxy S10 renewed
Buy the Galaxy S10 Plus renewed:
Get a Galaxy S20 with the trade in deal:

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29 Replies to “You HAVE to BUY the Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus RIGHT NOW!”

  1. silver andrew

    Thanks Travis I may kick Google to the curb no free pic after July 2121 and go to SD card I do like google updates and software my guess in 2121 it doesn't matter


    I don't understand why Samsung asks $1200 for there phones when all you need to do is wait a few months and get some crazy deal for $300-500 off. I guess it's for the suckers that cant wait a few months.

  3. Beauty Neytiri

    besides the other reasons why the s10 series is a huge failure, they only have 60 hertz displays….
    i will never spend any money on something with a 60 hertz display anymore…..

  4. 78hooman

    I have an S10 plus and iPhone 11 – i love both but the Samsung is so much more flexible – Headphone Jack, dual sim , reverse charging my gear watch, android split screen and some of Samsungs really cool One UI which is great for one handed use.

  5. Dave W

    Hi Travis, I took your advice and bought a Galaxy S10 renewed on Amazon, and it was a great purchase, thank you.
    What's a good battery app that I can get to check the health of the battery?

  6. Carpe Diem

    Bought the S10+ 2 months ago,and had already 2 updates,the last one was a 1.5 GB,many S20 stuff now at it.
    Payed 500€ Non Provider. Excelent ! device,performance,brilliant camera,software,screen is amazing. Battery performance is very good. When i use it not heavy(i do that most of the time) the S10+ will go 1 & half day…easy👊 The Netherlands,Amsterdam🤙


    I Brought the S10 plus with the 1tb storage and 12gb ram and I F++king love it and with the 2.1 Ui update it's even better now .I brought it offline witch i'm glad i did so no blot ware

  8. Îdrîs Dú'llajjî

    Is there a way to get an Amazon Renewed phone from a SPECIFIC wireless provider?! I need one from T-Mobile. I don't want an unlocked one… T-Mobile only. Thnx in advance.
    GREAT video by the way!

  9. jomien

    Another great video with good information and a real life HACK. But that collar! You make me feel like my mom, I just want to reach in there and flip that right side proper, lol! Glad I subscribed, keep putting out this great content for us and Stay Safe.

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