You Should Buy The New iPhone SE

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35 Replies to “You Should Buy The New iPhone SE”

  1. Lachi97

    To anyone who is an apple sheep, ( he doesn’t like the phone at all, he know Apple been garbage lately that’s why he is reviewing it sarcastically, sorry to bust your bubble sheep


    I think the Touch ID is a nice feature because of the current situation the world is in with Covid 19. I wouldn’t need to take off my mask 😷 just like Face ID. The iPhones with Face ID don’t like masks so I think it’s a nice touch.

  3. Kathy Coleman

    I'm actually very excited about this phone because of its form factor. I have limited mobility in my right hand, and that ends up being the hand I hold my phone in since I use my left hand to operate it. Many newer phones give me trouble because if I rest my thumb on them the way I would with this phone, they risk opening things or blocking button presses because I'm touching actual screen. I'm not arrogant enough to think that anyone should or can deliberately make a product that suits my specific needs. My situation is one in a million and I have researched possibilities to deal with this issue, but have not found one that seems like it would work.

    That said, I will use this device, which works for me, while I can. The small screen would be a downer for me if I intended to use it for actual reading or major web surfing, but it'll serve fine for answering calls, taking photo and video, listening to music, podcasts or audio books, and scrolling instagram. That's the bulk of what I need a phone for. I've got my iPad Mini for reading on the go, and my gaming PC hooked up to a 32" TV for anything more intensive.

    I watched both of your videos and from a technical standpoint I do agree with you. Companies keep customers by respecting them and striving to make great products. I just thought it might be interesting to share an experience from someone for whom that 'old and outdated' form factor is actually quite a godsend. Keep up the great work. Love your videos. 🙂

  4. Ryan

    I have the original iPhone SE and the saddest part is no one will remember it existed in a few years. Lucky I have one.

  5. C M.

    I like the way you were unbiased and your opinions about this phone, you’ve helped me make up mind. I’m getting one. 🧐😳😜

  6. Edward Muller V

    I returned the galaxy a51 after 2 days and the s20 after a week. Androids are absolute junk. 2 months with this and no regrets! Great to save money for the iPhone 12!

  7. Katya

    Haha, you have no clue actually how many of us former android users the iPhone 11 and the new SE pulled in the iPhones side cuz of the amazing price value and superior speed,plus promised longevity and absolute quality😂 Definitely more ex-android users like myself that I know bought that phone than old Apple users lol.

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