YouTube Music Review vs Spotify and Apple Music | Best music streaming app in 2020?

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Is YouTube Music the best music streaming app? I go over the pros and cons of its interface & design, features, song selection, audio quality, library and organization, and premium vs free features. Should you ditch Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, and other apps for YouTube Music?

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro!



0:00 intro
0:55 design & interface
3:08 features
6:35 library
8:42 song selection
9:48 sound quality
10:01 price & value vs Spotify & Apple Music

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35 Replies to “YouTube Music Review vs Spotify and Apple Music | Best music streaming app in 2020?”

  1. Joanne Thomas

    Thanks for the info…So can you have multiple play lists and name them different names? Also can you connect to the car so you can play it from there? Thanks

  2. Nick Krenn

    When I choose a playlist & skip through it, it starts play random songs not on the playlist. And when I say play a song from my home screen, it just launches YTM & doesn't play the song. Sooo disappointed in YTM.

  3. Jack F

    If you decide to use the "play full album" option, you have to listen to the shit music the poster of the album decides to intersperse between the songs you actually want to listen to. It's total crap!!!!

  4. Bob Donoho

    Am I the only one who absolutely can't stand YT Music? It's been truly awful. I've been trying to train the algorithm to respond to what I like for months. It just doesn't seem to be able to catch on.

  5. Colin Massey

    I paid for and downloaded many albums on Google Play music and was happily using it as an offline music player – I was forced to transfer to YouTube music, which I found to be inferior in every way, so deleted the app – now all the music I paid for has vanished – f**k YouTube

  6. Vlad T

    As sson as I switched from Google Play Music to YouTube music I started realizing that the sound quality in my car got worse. At first I honestly didn't think it would be the app and started thinking my cars speakers went bad. The sound in YouTube music is much lower and allso some bits just feel super compressed and bad even with high quality checked on. After awhile i had friends come in my car who had Spotify and when they where streaming there music in my car the same songs I would listen too sounded more clear and less compressed and I compared the both and that led me to realise that YouTube music was the reason. The sound quality is compressed garbage. I allways hated Spotify but I guess now it's time to switch. Litterly years of music from google play will be gone so this sucks.

  7. Maddy DS

    Don't waste your time. Your mix is very poor. You lose your Playlists. Frequency plays video and eats up bandwith. Constant pop-ups for upgrade. There are no features that aren't available on other services in cleaner interface.

  8. Aj

    I think YouTube Music is superior to all streaming services. I'm always on YouTube so getting YouTube Premium was a no brainer cus I hate ads and YT Music is free when you get Premium. Plus the Music app has basically all the songs that spotify and Apple music have AND also have mixtapes and remixes which Spotify and Apple dont have. Clearly it's the better option

  9. Noah Russell

    I think Google watched your review, because a few months later and BAM you CAN SHUFFLE all music. :] So good review because they listened to your feedback!

  10. Mario Speer

    Lol not allowed to play local mp3s, have to pay for it! Forget it, I have close to 10gig of music on my phone why should I have to pay to play it. I live in the PNW where you lose signal when hiking, biking or even driving, fail move for Google and YouTube Music.

  11. Samuel Araiza

    I don’t recall hearing hearing anything that covered family sharing packages, potential bundle deals with other Google products (Ad free), or gsuite comparability :/

  12. Anne Abbey

    1. Spotify – Best for cross-compatibility and podcasts: Spotify offers best-in-class features and an intuitive user experiences, paired with an extremely expansive selection of music and podcasts

    2. YouTube Music has a wonderful user interface and solid recommendations based on your location. It also has popular YouTube videos, lets you store music offline and more.

    3. Apple Music – Best if you have a big existing music library and want radio stations.

    4. Teatube – Best App to play Youtube music in background iPhone and Android while using other apps.

  13. LeahBandB

    I can't scroll through my music library without the app buffering every twenty songs or so. There's no alphabet scroll or quick scroll. That's a dealbreaker for me.

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